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Frequently asked questions on admission

Q. How many versions of Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSE) programs do you offer?

A. We offer two versions of MSE. One is called online MSE and the other is called AMSE (Accelerated Master of Science in Software Engineering). AMSE is an in-class version of MSE.

Q. Do I still have time to apply (and join) your online MSE Fall 2014 cohort?

A. Yes. You still have time to apply. The deadline for the online MSE Fall 2014 cohort is August 1st, 2014.

Q. I don't have a bachelor's degree in computer science. Nevertheless, I do have more than one year of working experience in the software industry. May I apply?

A. Yes. We will consider your application. The best way to know whether you qualify or not is to email your resume to Dr. James Choi (his email address is

Q. I have applied. But, I haven't heard anything from the university. Should I contact someone?

A. Please contact Dr. James Choi at for your MSE application status.

Q. I heard that there is an in-class version of MSE, called AMSE (Accelerated Master in Software Engineering). May I read more about the AMSE program?

A. Yes. Since some students can't take the online MSE program (e.g., the online MSE program can't issue I-20 to international students), we offer AMSE to serve those students. AMSE is totally in-class. For more information please visit the AMSE website.

Q. I noticed that the AMSE (in-class version of MSE) is offered by the university's Extended Education. Is the AMSE degree different from the online MSE degree?

A. No. Both online MSE and AMSE offer the same degree - Master of Science In Software Engineering.

Q. Is there a cost difference between the two?

A. Yes. The online MSE costs less than the in-class MSE (AMSE). AMSE's cost is comparable to the out-of-state tuition.

Q. When is the next AMSE?

A. Spring 2015 (the next online MSE is in Fall 2014).

Q. When can I apply the Spring 2015 AMSE cohort?

A. The application process for Spring 2015 AMSE cohort starts on August 1st, 2014.

Q. My undergraduate degree is not in computer science. Is it possible for me to apply the AMSE program?

A. Yes. It is possible.


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Our Previous Student Orientation

New student orientation

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Midpoint workshop

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MSE Alum

MSE Seminar videos available for viewing

Dr. Ning Chen, Title: "Dancing with Frameworks" 

Mr. Mark Ofori-kyei, Title: "Software Defect Management" 

Dr. Beryl Bellman's seminar, Title: "An Overview of Enterprise Architecture: Frameworks, Views, and Models Used in Commercial and Government EA"

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Software Engineering students are responsible for ordering their own textbooks. Textbooks can be ordered / purchased from any source. Please consult the course schedule for the textbooks required (or recommended) for each course.





Masters of Science in
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The MSE program admits new
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