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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

Visit the Student Financial Services page for fee information. The link to "Fee Information" on the left will give you information on Registration Fees (required for all students), Non-Resident Tuition (required for students who are not legal residents of California for residency purposes), and Required Course Fees (Distance Learning Fee required for the MSE program). Information about residency is available here. MSE students take 6 units of graduate level courses per semester.

I've already applied to the graduate program in Computer Science and now I cannot apply to the graduate program in Software Engineering. What can I do?

If you are a current student already enrolled in the Computer Science program, you will need to file a "Change of Objective Form" from LH114. If you recently applied and have not yet started taking classes, contact the Admissions Coordinator at Be sure to include your full name and CWID in all communication.

Can I receive a student visa once I am admitted to the MSE program?

Unfortunately, no. An I-20 cannot be issued for the Software Engineering master's program, since it is offered entirely online. Immigration policy (not CSUF policy) prohibits student visas for entirely online programs. If you are already in the US and need to transfer your I-20 to CSUF, you cannot do so for the Software Engineering program. You can be a student in the Software Engineering program from your home country.

Where can I find information about course textbooks?

Please see the instructor's course syllabus, which contains both the title and ISBN number for every book used in a course. Textbook information should also be posted with the course schedule.

How are assignments given? How will students turn in assignments?

Assignments will be posted and submitted online via TITANium / Moodle.

What kind of assignments are given?

This will depend on the course and instructor.

How are tests administered?

Again, this will be determined by the instructor.

What is Titan?

Titan is the name of the departmental server that runs the MSE and ECS websites and other software.

What amount of work experience is equivalent to CPSC 362?

One year of experience in any part of the software lifecycle is sufficient. A resume is required when you apply in order to determine if you have the equivalent of CPSC 362. Once you have submitted your online application please email your resume to

Will there be an exit exam?

No, there is not an exit exam. Students are required to complete a significant terminal project as part of the curriculum. There is no thesis option.

What happens if you are unable to attend a semester?

Please contact the MSE Program Coordinator. This situation will be handled on a case by case basis.

Typical Questions On Admission

How many versions of Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSE) programs do you offer?

We offer two versions of MSE. One is called online MSE and the other is called AMSE (Accelerated Master of Science in Software Engineering). AMSE is an in-class version of MSE.

Do I still have time to apply (and join) your online MSE Fall 2016 cohort?

Yes. You still have time to apply. The deadline for the online MSE Fall 2016 cohort is August 15, 2016.

I don't have a bachelor's degree in computer science. Nevertheless, I do have more than one year of working experience in the software industry. May I apply?

Yes. We will consider your application. The best way to know whether you qualify or not is to email your resume to Dr. James Choi (his email address is

I have applied. But, I haven't heard anything from the university. Should I contact someone?

Please contact Dr. James Choi at for your MSE application status.

I heard that there is an in-class version of MSE, called AMSE (Accelerated Master in Software Engineering). May I read more about the AMSE program?

Yes. Since some students can't take the online MSE program (e.g., the online MSE program can't issue I-20 to international students), we offer AMSE to serve those students. AMSE is totally in-class. For more information please visit the AMSE website.

I noticed that the AMSE (in-class version of MSE) is offered by the university's Extended Education. Is the AMSE degree different from the online MSE degree?

No. Both online MSE and AMSE offer the same degree - Master of Science In Software Engineering.

Is there a cost difference between the two?

Yes. The online MSE costs less than the in-class MSE (AMSE). AMSE's cost is comparable to the out-of-state tuition.

When is the next AMSE?

Spring 2017.

When can I apply the Spring 2017 AMSE cohort?

The application process for Spring 2017 AMSE cohort started early in Feb, 2016

My undergraduate degree is not in computer science. Is it possible for me to apply the AMSE program?

Yes. It is possible.

Contact Information
For questions related to the MSE program:

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Ms. Sandra Boulanger, Administrative Support
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fax: 657-278-7168

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